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Emails Templates Included:

  • Potential Client Initial Inquiry after phone call
  • Potential Client Initial Inquiry after email
  • Discovery call confirmation + reminder email
  • Discovery Call follow up-a good company fit
  • Discovery Call follow up-not a good company fit
  • In-person consultation scheduling email
  • Virtual Consultation scheduling email
  • Consultation confirmation and next steps (general)
  • Consultation reminder email
  • Consultation recap and next steps-a good company fit
  • Consultation recap and next steps-not a good company fit
  • Consultation recap and next steps for a new construction/renovation project
  • Consultation recap and next steps for furniture and décor only project
  • Scope of Work email
  • Proposal email
  • Agreement/Contract Review scheduling email with what to expect
  • Follow up after agreement review email
  • Response to client who wants to start immediately
  • Response to client who wants to negotiate pricing
  • Follow up email for no reply from client after proposal
  • Follow up email for no reply from client after agreement review
  • General-Client not responding email
  • Welcome onboarding email with detailed steps
  • How We Work email 
  • Project Direction Meeting email schedule
  • Project Direction Meeting revision email
  • Project Direction Board finalized email
  • Site Survey scheduling email (what to expect)
  • Post Site Survey email
  • Post- Project Direction Board approval email (next steps)
  • Project Commencement Phase complete and next steps email
  • Potential Client from Referral email
  • Increase in Services Cost email
  • Client confused/questioning Production fee
  • Thank you for referring us email
  • Designer on Demand What to Expect
  • Designer on Demand recap email
  • Client confused/questioning Project Fulfillment fee
  • Trade Day email-what to expect
  • Post Trade Day email 
  • Schedule in-person meeting for appliance selections
  • Schedule initial design presentation (when design plan is divided into 2 or more presentations)
  • Schedule design presentation meeting (when only 1 presentation is required)
  • Design presentation meeting: what to expect 
  • Recap of 1st design presentation meeting (with requested revisions) & next steps
  • Schedule 2nd design presentation with revisions
  • Schedule other design presentation meeting (when divided into 2 or more presentations)
  • Recap of 2nd design presentation meeting with next steps
  • Recap of other design presentation meeting (with requested revisions)
  • Schedule final design presentation meeting
  • Reminder to approve selections from meetings
  • Client wants to revise design plan after full approval
  • Payment received email
  • Payment due reminder email
  • Weekly Update email
  • Construction phase initiation email
  • Schedule installation day email
  • Installation day what to expect/requirements
  • Installation day recap/next steps email
  • Punchlist details email
  • Punchlist resolutions email
  • Project wrap up email with final invoices/retainer returned
  • Project completed and testimonial request email
  • Testimonial received email
  • Reminder email for trades appt. to client home
  • Nice to meet you at an event (potential client)
  • Schedule photographer for project email
  • Tradespersons work with us only email response
  • Reminder to client to request revisions
  • Scope Creep 
  • Design Development Phase complete and next steps email
  • Project Fulfillment Phase complete and next steps email
  • Client Meeting Agenda
  • Team Meeting Agenda
  • Product Price has increased due to Client tardiness
  • You have reached your allowable revisions
  • Publication request to feature firm's project email
  • Publication thank you for featuring project email
  • Vendor request to feature project email
  • Request to vendor to become product influencer/ambassador.
  • Newsletter email
  • Project pause (by designer)
  • Welcome back past client email
  • Past client-new rates for company email
  • Design Fee is late email
  • Client communicating directly with our trades email
  • Excessive revision requests warning of increased fee
  • Respond to client questioning hourly invoice
  • Response to client questioning shipping fees
  • Response to client questioning warehouse/delivery fees
  • Response to client questioning product or labor pricing
  • Response to client who does not want photography of their home (though agreed to in the beginning)
  • Response to client requesting access to high-resolution photos from photoshoot
  • Response to client who does not allow your sign in their front yard (though agreed upon in the beginning)
  • Project is delayed due to our tradesperson email
  • Project is delayed due to GC tradesperson email 
  • Project is delayed due to client lack of response time email
  • Project is delayed due to GC or trades MIA email
  • Response to bad conduct by tradesperson in client's home email
  • Response to client: "why am I being nickeled and dimed" email
  • Client wants to do some of the work themselves (or friend/relative) email
  • Designer ending an agreement with client email
  • Client ending an agreement with designer email
  • Team Member Recognition email
  • Team Member Bonus email
  • Team Member Annual Review Email
  • Team Member Reprimand Recap Email
  • Vendor Request for Update

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